World of Warcraft Necrolords

Blizzard recently announced that World of Warcraft players will soon have the ability to undelete characters up to level 50 with restrictions and level 50+ indefinitely once the Warlords of Draenor content patch is live.

New Feature Incoming: Undelete Character

The service will only be available once every 30 days and once your character is restored it will keep all of their Enchants, Gems and items fully intact.

Great news if you decide you want to get back a deleted character, but for those gamers who deleted their characters as a final goodbye to WoW, and gamers who are self confessed addicts who did the same as a way of breaking all ties with the game, this is one more carrot Blizzard has over them to get them back into Azeroth.

For the full details and nuances check out Blizzards post here

Be sure to check out the great Cinematic for the Upcoming Warlords of Draenor launch.

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