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  • Unless you have been living under a rock you will by now of heard of the buzz surrounding The Mandalorian and ‘the little guy’ aka Baby Yoda. Screengrab – Disney+ The Mandalorian Episode 4 recently released and we seen baby Yoda quietly enjoying a [...]
  • Chun Li-Twisted Squirrel-ArturoVega
    Martial Arts Expert Alejandra Galindo is Chun Li. Eight years after becoming viral for her amazing kicks Alejandra Galindo is back in costume, proving she still has what it takes to kick ass. What better way to welcome our return to regular posting than another [...]
  • rule 63 kylo ren cosplay dark background lingerie portrait genderbend
    Welcome back to another great gallery submitted by Arturo Vega Cosplayer Ale Tanooki is a huge Star Wars fan and put together this sexy Rule 63 female version of Kylo Ren and captured by Arturo.  For those wondering rule 63 is ‘for any given male character, [...]
  • Check out these great cosplay pictures of Rachel Amber from Life Is Strange Cosplayed by the amazing Ri Care, and photographed by the talented Cassie H Photography  Be sure to check out their pages on social media and leave them some comments. Would you like to [...]




Retro Gaming

  • A long long time ago in a galaxy not too far away, there was a little video games company that had not yet been touched by the greedy taint of the MMORPG, that company was Blizzard. Blizzard made its mark by making [...]


  • These things are amazing, what better way to eat some Thai food or your favorite Asian cuisine than these great Lightsabre Chopsticks from kotobukiya on Big Bad Toy Store for $17.99   Posted with [...]


  • Here we bring you some submissions from Withrin Cosplay. You can find her on Facebook here and also check out her deviant art page here, wanna follow and see what she is up to, head to Twitter @afancymudkip. We have [...]

Cosplay of the Day

  • This is a must see for all you WoW fans out there. Yuks General has an amazing cosplay of a Tier 13 Warrior in the Blizzard Hit World of Warcraft. This cosplay hits the mark on many levels and we just had to share with [...]



  • We would like to welcome Ronin to our creative team here at Twisted Squirrel. Ronin will be covering Retro Gaming section and more to be announced. He has extensive background in gaming and all things geeky/nerdy he is [...]