Ubisoft Reveal at E3

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Ubisoft released some of the most epic game announcements so far, hosted by Aisha Tyler(Voice of Lana Kaine from Archer) so here is a quick overview and my thoughts and first impressions.

FarCry 4:

Ubisoft kicked off with the first trailer for Farcry4. I have been a FarCry fan since FarCry 2 and The Trailer just made me want the game more. Instead of an island this time you are at the foot of the Himalayas, dealing with a Dictator controlled militant nation.
It looks great and I can not wait to get my hands on it.

Assassin’s Creed Unity:

We are given another glimpse of AC Unity, this time as single player, we get to see the narrative of the story as well as challenges and side missions, We also get a look and the City and the people of Paris as well as epic land marks.

Mirror’s Edge:
Another remake/re-release, ubisoft is calling a do over on the Mirror’s Edge in order to fix all the problems. From the prototype images I have seen it looks promising.

Rainbow Six: Siege:
As an ex-independent security contractor, I have some real world experiance with tactical training and operations, having been trained on US Military bases in High Risk Entry, Hostage Rescue Tactics, and Tactical Urban Response, I can say that Rainbow Six: Siege does it perfectly. It seems to be a fairly true to form tactical FPS built a team based Co-op system, think Counter Strike meets Left 4 Dead.
The audio for the game play trailer is just epic.

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