Taboo- An Honest Judgement

Taboo is a British television show produced by Tom Hardy, and “Alien” director Ridley Scott. It deals with the life and times of once mistaken to be dead, James Delaney. Taking place in 1814, Delaney (played by Tom Hardy) returns from Africa to inherit a piece of land from his late father, and hilarity does not ensue.

Now that a description is out of the way, let’s get down to business.

This show, is intense. Hardy’s character is cunning, unpredictable and in his own words, has “no sense”. Hardy, portrays Delaney as one without concern for welfare of his own or others. The stubbornness, and sheer resolve he sets down is really on about the same level as other characters that Hardy has played. Emotionless, brooding and troubled seem to be along the lines of choices Hardy has been time and time again. But as bad as that sounds, we are still interested in who he is playing. Even if he’s a villain, we still watch…any way back to the show.

The show is as good as the cast is strong. Taboo takes the grit and ruggedness, of life in 1800’s England, and exemplifies that there are in fact original ideas that can be implemented. It’s quite obvious that the cast is well-rounded out and that each member of the acting team is perfectly matched to who they play in the show. )Several ex Game of Thrones cast members are also series regulars)

But without getting too much into plot details, Taboo certainly takes on a wild ride, and we can’t wait to see where it goes. FX, who airs the show in the U.S. never fails to air quality tv, however, FX seems to have a tendency to cancel shows that are really good (unless your name is Kurt Sutter). But, we all know that Hardy has a strong film career so with that being said, the show probably will only be on for a few seasons, unless it’s a one-off, which seems to be popular these days.

Overall the show is really, really good. Trust me, you won’t be upset if you watch it. In the grand scheme of things we needed something like this to take the place of reality and singing shows.

Overall, Taboo gets 5 out of 5 shrunken heads.


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