Supergirl: An Honest Judgement

First off I would like to say that since I am going to criticize this tv show, and I’m known for being really harsh toward whatever I criticize, our friend with the nuts, Fred Forrager asked me to not be so hard on this one in particular, because Kara Zor El is his favorite heroine, next to actual heroin.

Ok, to begin with, this shows some promise. I mean that. There is so much this show could do, but let’s see if they actually follow through with it. There are very little things in the show that just don’t jive with me, wanna hear ’em? Ok here we go.


She is too much like Clark. I mean, Melissa Benoist (and her hotness), carry the show really well, but Clark Kent has already been done to death, we don’t need a female clone of him doing the exact same stuff. And considering what Arrow turned into after its pretty abysmal opening few episodes, I’m still willing to give this a chance. The writing that wasn’t cringworthy was entertaining (though they really should redo the opening narration), the action was pretty good and the majority of the cast were likeable/watchable…for a tv show.


Then there’s the Jimmy Olsen thing… When Mechad Brooks was first cast as Jimmy Olsen in CBS’ Supergirl, the fan base was split over the color of the actor’s skin. The regular Jimmy has traditionally been a freckle-faced, fair-skinned ginger, and Brooks doesn’t exactly fit that persona. However, when the first trailer for Supergirl was released, the controversy began to take on a completely different tone. Yes, there were still fans out there mad because Brooks was black, but now they had shifted their anger to the fact that Brooks was playing the usually semi-geeky character as much more confident and mature. On the surface, this might very well seem like a valid criticism, but I think that there is something fans are completely missing.Although there are Jimmy Olsen elements that are present, Like, he’s a photographer, he’s a guy, he won a Pulitzer prize (which is mentioned). If you look at the guy you don’t see Jimmy. BUT! Just because he is a man of color doesn’t mean that you can’t identify him as our Jimmy. I mean, Cowboy Curtis played a really good Perry White, and he’s black. BTW it’s “Jimmy” not “James”. I guess when it boils down to it color really shouldn’t be an issue. Our president isn’t white and look where that got him.


Overall, like i said before the show is ok for what it is. it’s kinda fun, fairly well written, but shows like this are honestly a dime a dozen. Sadly what that means is, that it’ll be pushed to the wayside if CBS gets a smell of uncertainty in the air. I always tell people thatĀ if you want a show or a movie written properly, let a fan do it, and make the producers mind their own, but i guess that if they are a producer, then it is their own. I don’t see this making it past the first season, and that’s too bad, I don’t mind seeing Melissa Benoist for a while longer, considering there is an endless amount of possibilities to be had. CBS isn’t Netflix, so they can’t use dark and grit the way that needs to be used.


The villains which haven’t been really introduced, lacked a sense of character or even development, but in the DC universe (who are known for putting the royal screws to things motion picture or tv show-wise) the possibilities are limitless. the choice in villains seems very haphazard almost like they though that if they put a real bad ass in there…anyone besides Bartok, it would take away from the Supergirl character. The fights were kinda, meh, too. But, hey it’s a tv show. Not a movie.

On a scale of 1 to 5 this show gets

1 1/2 Which is pretty craptastic. I hope it gets better.

(get better it will. Faith you must have young Mabrey – Fred)

And, off I go to ruin something else.

Thank you,

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