Not Just Horses in Lexington!

Hey folks, It’s the traveling, opinionated, drivel slinger again, but this time I have nothing but great things to say about #LexingtonComicandToyCon. Obviously, It’s in the beautiful city of Lexington, Kentucky, home of thoroughbred horses, the Kentucky Derby, Rupp Arena, and terrible driving.

When I received passes to this show, I honestly didn’t know what to expect from it. I knew that this show was huge, and I mean thirty thousand geeks, nerds, cosplayers, gamers, fanboys (and girls) coming together united to make this show an absolute blast to be a part of. As you can tell by the previously posted photos, the droves of people the that came out really embraced the essence of what this show is really about. It’s about fun. Plain and simple. Despite the traffic and experiencing some awful drivers, the Lexington Toy and Comic Con really put on a great show (for lack of a better word). They really spared no expense in making goers, and celebrities feel as comfortable as possible.

The amount of people attending this show kind of put a damper on taking photos of vendors, and we were unsure about celeb photos because they were charging for photos so frankly we didn’t ask. The event happened in Rupp Arena, home of the Kentucky Wildcats.(if this gives you any indication of the actual size of the venue It’s so large there’s a mall) Upstairs there were games, comics, cosplayers set up and a lot of vendor booths. Downstairs was where celebrities and more cosplayers, and the Artist Alley were located. The celebs showcased included #ViewAskew alumni, #KevinSmith, #JasonMewes, #BrianOhalloran, #MarilynGhigliotti, and #ScottSchiaffo. Several Star Wars cast members attended as well, not to mention #WWE Hall of Fame wrestlers #DiamondDallasPage, #GregTheHammerValentine, #JakeTheSnakeRoberts and #RicFlair. Other wrestlers included #AlSnow and the always awesome #JimCornette. Several tv shows were represented including #IZombie, #TheFlash, #Gotham and even “The Fall Guy” himself, Lee Majors. Rounding out the guest list included a plethora of super talented artists #BuzzArtist, #BillyTackett, #JoelAdams, and some all time comic and magazine art greats, #NeilAdams, #LarryElmore, #MikeGrell, and BasilGogos.

This show was unbelievable guest-wise, it was hands down the best show I’ve attended as a guest or spectator in the Midwest. The price was great as well, at only about seventy-five bucks for a three-day pass. Accommodations were very close to the venue and was also reasonably priced.

Back to what I was saying, about the show runners. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE that worked this show were unbelievable. They went leaps and bounds over what they had to and this really puts this con in the upper echelon. It would have been a great show if they relaxed on this attitude, but it isn’t their style. They believe that the guests and attendees should be treated like actual people, and that speaks volumes about this show (And I’ve been to some bad ones, but more on that later). I hope next year I am allowed to come back and spend more time speaking with the guests involved. Overall it was a really great time, and I mean that because, if I had something to complain about, I surely would have, because picking things apart is what I do. Thanks for reading. You should really check this out next year. You won’t be disappointed.


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