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  • rule 63 kylo ren cosplay dark background lingerie portrait genderbend
    Welcome back to another great gallery submitted by Arturo Vega Cosplayer Ale Tanooki is a huge Star Wars fan and put together this sexy Rule 63 female version of Kylo Ren and captured by Arturo.  For those wondering rule 63 is ‘for any given male character, [...]
  • Check out these great cosplay pictures of Rachel Amber from Life Is Strange Cosplayed by the amazing Ri Care, and photographed by the talented Cassie H Photography  Be sure to check out their pages on social media and leave them some comments. Would you like to [...]
  • Moana Cosplay with Trigger Warning Photography Twisted Squirrel Cosplay of the Day 19
    Usually we scour the interwebs for what we think will be good for cosplay of day. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have it dropped in our lap. Today we want to share some work by the talented Ethne Cosplay for our cosplay of the day #19. Check out the great picture [...]
  • Geralt of Rivia cosplay picture
    You will have likely seen this one already Cosplay by the amazingly talented Maul Cosplay Photography by EosAndy Of Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher 3 Game. Follow us for more updates at the links below, or sign up for our newsletter. Twitter @twistedsquirre1 [...]




Retro Gaming

  • Christmas 1996 was one of the greatest times of my young life. Not just because I got my first pool table, but because that was the year I got my own Super Nintendo Entertainment System starting my formal video game [...]


  • These things are amazing, what better way to eat some Thai food or your favorite Asian cuisine than these great Lightsabre Chopsticks from kotobukiya on Big Bad Toy Store for $17.99   Posted with [...]


  • This is a must see for all you WoW fans out there. Yuks General has an amazing cosplay of a Tier 13 Warrior in the Blizzard Hit World of Warcraft. This cosplay hits the mark on many levels and we just had to share with [...]

Cosplay of the Day

  • Welcome to our third installment of our new column, Cosplay of the Day. Today we bring you an amazing Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Cosplay by the very talented Calen Hoffman From Propcustomz. Be sure to check by his [...]



  • Blizzard has released some great looking artwork for their upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Warlords of Draenor. Chris Robinson and Gary Platner from the design & artwork team take us on a walk through of their [...]