DIY Steampunk Gun

Steampunk Gun

DIY Steampunk Gun Project#1


Items Needed:

  1. Toy Gun – Purchase them from second hand store or thrift store and garage sale.
  2. Acrylic paint – Brown, Gray, Black, Metallic colors such as Bronze and Silver
  3. Broken parts from small electrical items- Wires, Coils, Etc.
  4. Paint Brushes- Small to Medium size
  5. Small Bowl
  6. Super Glue
  7. Clear Acrylic Coating Aerosol Spray


Prep work on gun:

Wipe down the toy gun with soap and water and dry off.


Let’s get started on paint:

Paint all of gun with Grey or Brown paint.    Let dry

Once dry  paint a bronze coat or choice of metallic color all over the gun.    Let Dry

With opposite Metallic paint highlight other areas of the gun. Barrel or Trigger.    Let Dry

Once dry take small bowl and put 2 parts black paint to one part water, lightly brush over gun to give a black wash effect.

the black will lay into the grooves showing more detail. You can choose to do 1 coat or several. Depending on your look.    Let Dry

Once dry spray clear coat all over gun- Should coat one side at a time.    Let Dry



Finishing touches:

Super glue small pieces onto toy gun. Such as wires and embellishments till desired look.

Under $10 to make



I’ll be back next week with another Gun Project.

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