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Sony E3 Press Release

Live from E3

Sony’s E3 press release was extremely rocky from constant mic and audio issues to the live stream being interrupted, its clear that someone on the E3 crew is getting fired. Add to that the President of Sony’s American branch telling horrible “jokes” that fell flat and just added more shame to the situation.
Sony’s press release was not so much a showcase of their games as it was a “screw you” to Xbox Owners as Sony’s main point was the “Exclusive content” and the things people that do not own the PS4 will not get to experience. However They did give us some more incites into games we had already seen and/or have been looking forward to.

Farcry 4:
Previously we only got to see the Trailer, Sony gave us our first hands on game play look. We get to see some of the many weapons, vehicles and new animals, as well as the huge and beautiful rendered mountain landscapes. They also take the time to show us some of the Co-op options including a new feature for the PSN, allowing friends to join in on your game eve if they do not own a copy of the game.

This is a game I have been looking forward too. After Bungie left the Halo series they dedicated themselves to making a whole new open world Scifi game that you can play with up to two friends. It looks great, and everything I have read or seen up til now makes me want to see how far Bungie can make it. Though Sony made a big deal about how PS4 owners would get exclusive missions, weapons and maps.

The Order 1886:
The trailer for The Order looked very interesting, however it didn’t really tell anything about the game. Though granted I do want to know more about it having watched the trailer.

Little Big Planet 3:
Sony showed off the third installment of the Sackboy saga, this time he returns with three new friends, and the comedy only gets better as the game demonstrators, demonstrate how not to play their game. I have never been a fan of LBP because it relies heavily on “user created  content” which is code for “we are lazy and rely on you to make our games for us”.

Not sure what to say about this one other than you have to watch it to believe it.

inFamousFirst light:
Another retread in the inFamous series, this time; spoiler, you play a girl

ROckstar is bringing GTA 5 to the next gen consoles, which judging by there last gene console release is going to be a exercise in controller snapping frustration. Though with the revamped graphics and extra kick of the new consoles it does look really pretty.

MGSV: The Phantom Pain:
Probably the number one game I am looking forward to next year is MGSV, I am a huge MGS fan. I have played the crap out of the MGS GZ, demo, and a itching for more. The trailer looks awesome but raises more questions than it answers, and shows no game play but it is only day 1 of E3 so maybe we will see more in the days to come.

The trailer for arkham knight shows off some great use of the new batmobile or maybe the new Bat-tank would be more apt description. We also get to see the city rendered beautiful, at night. Due to E3’s poor camera work we miss most of the improtant part of the trailer, but we do get to see Scarecrow who looks awesome, considering how badly he got messed up in Arkham asylum.

More to come in the next couple of days so stay tuned and check out our other articles.

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