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Apple Announces iOS 8

WWDC - Apple announces iOS 8

Apple today at WWDC announced the latest iteration of its mobile iOS 7 software which is creatively named iOS 8, the feature packed update brings new notification area actions including the lock screen such as Calender invite, text message replies and more to be announced. The new Health app was an expected release giving you a central area to track your health based Apps such as your running tracker, calorie counter, pedometer and the likes

 iOS8 health_screen_healthdata

Smaller updates to the iOS that will please a lot of family users is the ability to include up to 10 users under one master umbrella account and share cloud space and services.

iOS8 permission


The SDK kit for iOS will be released soon to let developers get their hands and teeth into the new code and API’s We will keep you informed with more information as it develops.

iOS8 developer_extensibility_screen_keyboard

Be sure to check out the Apple official post here

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